About Us

Black Americana, as illustrated in the artwork of artist, Annie Lee, is a honest depiction of Black people thriving in autonomy. Lee’s portrayals of Black livelihood, highlights our contributions to art, business, and culture. Lee’s grandson, Abé, Administrative Director of The Annie F. Lee Art Foundation, AFL35, trademarked the phrase Black Americana to authenticate it, preserve it, and provide a structure for Black influencers to be the real Faces of Black Americana - FOBA.

The Black Americana flag, like Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African flag, has a red, black, and green color scheme, but is designed for Black people who know America is their home. The green top half of the flag is representative of ownership; the black base is symbolic of infinite possibility; the red line in the center, joining the top and bottom, indicating a new horizon. Together, they are solidarity, unity, and renewed independence.

On4Nem is an urban expression meaning, “I give you my word.” It is the motto of AFL35; the creed of the Black Americana movement; the official brand of our uniforms/apparel, and signifies our ability to hold ourselves and each other to a high standard of excellence and accountability.